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Step 1: Online registration
After opening your member area, you fill in your technical file and choose your formula of participation. Your registration will then be submitted for validation by the organising committee of the event.
Step 2: Address your meeting requests
One month before the event and after the opening of the online catalogue, you select the companies that you would like to meet with and address them meeting requests. You can send a message explaining why you wish to meet them.
Step 3: Confirm your received requests
Each Participant has the possibility of asking you for a meeting; you can either accept or refuse.
Step 4: Receive your meeting agenda
One week before the event you will receive your meeting agenda, including the meetings validated by both parties as well as the conferences that you have requested to attend.
Step 1: Register online
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Beyond the exhibition and conferences, 5 business events will permit you to precisely target the partners able to effectively meet your needs.
 A schedule of 34 time slots is assigned to you: 5 business events are held jointly, select participants within the various meetings to form your ideal pre-programmed meeting agenda!
Business meetings formula
from € 990 all inclusive.
Click below to find out the nomenclatures of each business event.
Business meetings and exhibition on embedded technologies

COMPONENTS & SUBASSEMBLIES: Energy accumulation ◆  Special wiring and connectors ◆  Special wiring and Networking ◆  Sensors ◆  Active Components ◆  Electronics Components ◆  Passive Components ◆  Distribution ◆  DSP ◆  Complex assemblies and subassemblies ◆  Optical fiber ◆ Cables ◆ Microprocessors ◆  Communication and networking...
Electronics & Embedded Days
DESIGN & INNOVATION: Design and engineering office CIR: accreditation research tax credit Design Industrialization Software engineering Modelling Prototyping Measurements Tests Test beds Tools and development systems Industrial property Research and Development Simulations. PRODUCTION EQUIPMENT: Automation Manufacturing and assembly of components Process engineering and industrialization Components storage Control systems and production testing. SOFTWARE AND EMBEDDED SYSTEMS / CONNECTED SYSTEMS:  Specific architectures BIOS...  [ See more competencies ]
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SMS17 is the only event
dedicated to Smart & Advanced Manufacturing bringing together demanding participants in terms
of return on investment
and time optimisation.
100% of your meetings
are prepared in advance:
a qualitative and organizational
methodology proven for
15 years. A networking
between peers, selected
2 days, highly targeted
business meetings, premium
networking opportunities.
Light logistics and an event
concentrated in time.